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Dabei seit: 18.05.2024
Beiträge: 3
Herkunft: Franve

Level: 4 [?]
Erfahrungspunkte: 82
Nächster Level: 100

18 Erfahrungspunkt(e) für den nächsten Levelanstieg

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Opaline Hardtear - Raises our physical damage negation by 15% for Elden Ring Runes another three minutes again, now the only time we would use this one is if you plan on using the second buff - the Bloodboil Aromatic which if you don't to worry we do have an alternative to this option. What Bloodboil Aromatic does is it adds another 30% increased damage and 20% increased stamina for 60 seconds which is absolutely perfect for this setup, however the negative to this is it will make you take 25% increased damage as well. Hence the reason why we would use the Opaline Hardtear to help reduce the negative effect of this buff.

If you don't like using consumables not to worry because we get that, farming for crafting supplies can always feel annoying even though it's an extremely powerful item for this setup, but anyways a substitute buff you could use would be to grab a dagger and throw on the Ash of War Golden Vow, this isn't going to be as strong giving you an 11.5% damage increase and a 7.5% damage negation bonus for 40 seconds. Yet there aren't any negative side effects to it and you can constantly reuse this without having to worry about farming.

Now because we have so much bleed buildup, we can constantly procure that and keep these buffs going during boss fights with no problems whatsoever, that's pretty much how we're going to use this spear. Stay behind your shield and constantly drain your opponent's health bar with a mix of physical damage and bleed buildups and they're not going to Elden Ring Runes for sale be able to get to you either.
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Schweinefreunde-Forum » Dies und Das » Plauder-Ecke » MMOexp: Now because we have so much bleed buildup

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